Sunday, November 2nd my daughter and I went to Zocalo Food Park for the last day of their Dia De Los Muertos Celebration. Zocalo in Spanish means, a public square or plaza and it's just that. Various food trucks and vendors are present daily with tables for family style eating and games All this provides the community atmosphere I love in Milwaukee. I first heard about the space this summer when my favorite taco truck, Mazorca Tacos, took up residence there. After seeing Disney's Coco my daughter became in love with learning Spanish and Mexican culture. She talked to me about her Spanish class learning about Dia De Los Muertos so I knew this was a cultural interest we should explore.

Alter with ofrendas (offerings)

Dia De Los Muertos

Zocalo Food Park

Z knows the way

The Virgin of Guadalupe is the patron Saint of Mexico here with marigolds or cempasúchiles used to helps guide loved one’s soul back to the world of the living.

Senior Calavera

A.W.E. (Artists Working in Education) was present with a free craft table helping kids and adults alike create their own paper sugar skulls. Face painting and music by Milwaz Talleres followed while we enjoyed a beverage inside. Cold weather and sweet music brought most everyone inside to learn a bit more about Dia De Los Muertos, place offerings on the alter and learn more about the tradition of fandango music.

Growing up in a mixed race family finding cultural references that resonated with me wasn't an easy task. Until college, most black culture I witnesses was on TV so as I became a mother it was important for me to show my child early on the many parts of who she is. More over, to show her that beauty can be found in other cultures too. I hope by learning that different isn't wrong she can pass that love and acceptance on to others.