I'm a Wisconsin native and a true Midwesterner; so basically I smile at everyone. Taking photos and meeting new people are just about my two favorite things.

Take a look around and see what my lens has captured. My style is very true to color, authentic and candid. Sometimes I get the messy bits, the not so perfect smiles that show the real beauty people have, the sincere joy between family and the deep connections between lovers. 

If that's your jam too, Let's talk!

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Being sexy is all about attitude...

june 11-13, 2021

Now offering Empowerment Sessions
- all gender expressions & abilities welcome

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2020 wasn't all bad

Of all the crazy talented people in this city, I was named one of the top 4.
Thank you to everyone who voted and to all the amazing friends, families, and lovers I've photographed this year.

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