One doesn’t stop seeing. One doesn’t stop framing. It doesn’t turn off and turn on. It’s on all the time.

(— Annie Leibovitz)


Networking and Portrait Exchange

When I started ...

to network and go to styled shoots and meet ups, I got discouraged. I went to learn and connect with others in photography but it often felt like a "boy's club" with no one there that looked like me or had similar life experiences. Styled shoots were worse. They were often thousands of dollars on some mountain top across the country or set up by a group of close knit creatives with little space for newbies like me. I wasn't a gear head. I just knew I found this thing that I really loved to do and was eager to know more about photography, business ownership - EVERYTHING!

I didn't know where I belonged so I decided this spring

if I didn't see a space of building community then I needed to create it.

Part Networking

Part Portrait Refresh

Part Goal-Setting

Part Content and Portfolio Enhancement

This isn't about aspirational styled shoots or gurus selling $1000 master classes. This is a chance to meet with other local creatives, talk about what we do, take some photos & have some fun. oh and there'll be snacks too! I'll bring things to sip and nibble while we chat & work. Ideally, you'll leave with better knowledge of your peers & insight as to what might interest you next in business or just for fun. We'll have someone in house to help snap some B.T.S. footage for you too.

Lastly, I'll also provide everyone's social media information so we can stay connected and share resources.


$100 + tax

by April 1, 2022


Everyday Studio MKE

2625 S Greeley Street - Unit 355, Milwaukee, WI 53207


This event is welcome to business owners, photography creatives and hobbyists alike to talk about the best parts and hard won lessons of being a photographer.

Don't forget camera for the portrait exchange!

submit your request here and booking confirmation will follow

Now I'm not one for boxes but I'd like to know how you self identify in your photography journey

What are you hoping to learn/gain from attending?

Know of a friend who'd be interested in the event? I'll send them an invite via Instagram

Need access to an elevator? Seeking support animal permission? Let me know

Please feel free to let me know any unique information or special requests you may have.

While sales are final, if you’re not feeling well, please communicate with me. We're still living in unique times and I'm happy to try and work with you if something unexpected happens. If you are living with anyone who is sick or quarantined, please communicate with me. If you’ve had a cough or any flu-like or COVID symptoms in the last 14 days, please communicate with me. If you’ve been around anyone exhibiting those kinds of symptoms with the last 14 days, please communicate with me. This will be the first of many quarterly events and we can connect about the need to transfer to a future date.